Northern Circuit, Tanzania

Northern Circuit, Tanzania

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8th - 10th March, 2025

The EAPCE-25 Post Conference excursion to the Northern Circuit will be conducted for three days from 8th to 10th March 2025. The excursion route will pass through the Neogene Lake Beds and older extrusive rocks that contain olivine basalts and volcanic tuffs in the Eastern branch of the East African Rift System. The delegates will be able to view the Gregory Rift System, visit Tarangire National Park, Eyasi Wembere Rift Basin, the Oldupai Gorge (the locality of the Human Ancestor - Australopithecus boisei), the Shifting Sands and the famous Ngorongoro Crater.

The trip will also offer an opportunity to view an extensive exposure to the East African Rift System (EARS), one of the world's famous geologic wonders. In this place, the earth's diverging tectonic forces are presently trying to create new plates.



The delegates will be picked up at Arusha, then drive from Arusha City to Makuyuni town where the delegates will have a far view of the Gregory Rift and the Manyara Lake. The delegates will closely view the exposed Oolitic and fossiliferous Limestone outcrops (Lake Beds) at this location. Then head to Tarangire National Park where they will see the giant baobab trees, different bird species, and plenty of wild animals such as elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, antelopes, gazelles, buffaloes, zebras and warthogs. The delegates will then drive straight to Singida where they will have a sleep at Regence Resort Singida.


African Elephants in Tarangire


Giant Baobab trees of the Tarangire


DAY 2:

The delegates will have breakfast at the Regence Resort Singida, then drive from Singida to Eyasi Wembere Tertiary basin Basin. Delegates will drive from Singida to Sekenke while observing the basement rocks (mainly granitoid that form the basement of the basin) along the way and will have a stop at Sekenke where they will have a close view of the Sekenke Border Fault which is the margin of the Eyasi Wembere rift basin. Delegates will get a brief of the Eyasi Wembere basin, its geological setting in relation to other East African rift basins, hydrocarbon potentiality, and the exploration activities conducted so far.


The Iramba Sekenke border fault at the background


Delegates will then drive back from Senkenke to Mto wa Mbu where they will have a close view of the Gregory rift escarpment and spend a night at Lake Manyara Serena Hotel.


A close view of the Gregory fault escarpment at Mto wa Mbu area


DAY 3:

Delegates will have breakfast at Lake Manyara Serena Hotel, then drive to Oldupai Gorge, a very important site for anthropological history. It is a famous area for the fossils of early human evolution. At this area, delegates will see the skull and bones of earlier humankind and a very well preserved oldest sediment succession ranging from 2.1 Ma to 600,000 years ago


An area around Olduvai Gorge showing a well preserved sedimentary 1.2 Ma - 600,000 years succession of sedimentary beds.
An area around Olduvai Gorge showing a well preserved sedimentary 1.2 Ma - 600,000 years succession of sedimentary beds.


The delegates will also have an opportunity to see the magical shifting sands and have an experience of cultural aspects of life styles in the wild with wild animals and the traditional houses from Maasai tribe at the Maasai Boma area.

Crescent shaped strongly magnetic shifting sands.
Crescent shaped strongly magnetic shifting sands.


Masai Boma
Cultural Aspects of Maasai Tribe - Typical Maasai Boma.


On the way back, delegates will have a Game drive in the Ngorongoro Crater which is one of the seven world heritage sites. The delegates will have an opportunity to learn its geological evolution and be able to see the occurrences of both Salt and fresh water lake environments and Volcanic rocks within the Crater. Also, the delegates will see different wild animals grazing with Maasai cows.

Delegates will have a picnic lunch inside the Crater near the fresh water Lake then drive outside the Crater along the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater and drive to Arusha City where delegates will spend a night at Kibo Palace Hotel.

Delegates will depart on 11th March, 2025.

A view of Ngorongoro Crater and the lake within as seen from the rim of the crater.
A view of Ngorongoro Crater and the lake within as seen from the rim of the crater.


Estimated Fees:
US$ 1,137 per person non–residents,
US$ 940 per person for East African residents

Includes meals, transport, accommodation and park entry fees. Final Fees are to be confirmed based on the applicable fees during March 2025.



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